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Join our team
To encourage people to live their uniqueness, so that they can shape their world.
Embracing independence and freedom to drive change and make decisions, empowered by our self-management structure.
Being part of an outstanding, dedicated and diverse team that is challenging the status quo.

MYCS empowers you to customise your own dream furniture. Our photorealistic, 3-D online configurator enables endless design possibilities for our modular furniture. So, it makes sense that we’re also exploring this kind of freedom within our internal company culture. Which leaves us with the question: would you like to become the creator of your own career?

Working at MYCS is about:

  • Having a direct impact on bringing our purpose to life

  • Joining an international team with great spirit and an inspiring, as well as empowering, working atmosphere

  • Embracing autonomy and ownership in a vibrant, collaborative working environment

Our purpose

Our purpose does not only apply to our customers, but also to our employees!

With our company values, we have created a work environment that enables each individual to fully embrace their skills, knowledge and true self. We not only self-manage, co-create and embrace ownership, but also focus on the values that support that:

We’re people first, employees second
Every one of us is special and we provide a workplace where you can be your authentic self.
We hold integrity, even when it’s not easy
Nobody’s perfect and times can be demanding, but we don't take the easy way out and will continue to challenge ourselves.
We push boundaries for our customers
We challenge the status quo, promote new possibilities and drive change for our customers.
We respect everyone, and embrace our diversity
Every MYCSee is a unique human being with individual needs, experiences and paths. We value everybody for bringing in their own unique perspectives.


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“How can we reshape a company in an evolutionary organism - one that can sense and adapt and learn and integrate?” - Brian J. Robertson, Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World

We aim to self-manage and distribute authority and decision-making power among all partners within our organization. With our way of working, we question the why and challenge the how to allow each talent, each skill, to participate in the construction and evolution of the company.

We no longer have classical positions but accountable roles that commit to providing the best version of them in each of their activities and interactions. We have chosen to follow and evolve the "Holacracy" approach to transform our organisation. As with our furniture systems, we are committed to modularity, flexibility and the idea that anything can evolve and change.

We grow with an agile mind-set based on core principles such as transparency, purpose and power shift. Being aware of the purpose reminds us how we can best contribute to the company's success by fulfilling our roles. By embracing transparency, we create trust and enable informed decision-making. With driving the power shift we aim to fully embrace the potential of co-creation on an eye-to-eye level.

We believe that the classical culture of work has to change, that’s why we are shaping our perspective and exploring the value of self-management. We have the energy and boldness of a startup and the expertise and pragmatism of a scale-up. All in one workplace. We own our journey.

Our people


Our team is our greatest asset, and we want to make sure everyone feels they belong and are part of something bigger.

We are 240+ dedicated MYCSees who are spread among 13 locations in 5 European countries with different backgrounds, knowledge and experiences. Agile development and creativity are part of our DNA. We thrive in our international and diverse set up and are always eager to welcome visionary, driven and bold people to the MYCS family. You want to see how you fit in? Check out our open positions!


Don't see exactly the role you're looking for?

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